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Chinese Medicine NeuroAiD Efficacy Stroke Recovery – Extension Study (CHIMES-E Study): An Observational Multicenter Study to Investigate the Longer-Term Efficacy of NeuroAiD in Stroke Recovery.
Venketasubramanian N, et al. Cerebrovasc Dis 2013
This extension study tests the hypothesis that at 2 years, an initial 3-month administration of NeuroAiD is superior to placebo in reducing neurological deficit and improving functional outcome in patients with cerebral infarction of an intermediate range of severity. Study subjects are those who are already participants in CHIMES study – aged about 21 years and had signs and symptoms of acute stroke, 6 ≤ NIHSS ≤ 14, neuroimaging consistent with ischemic stroke and
received study medication with 72 hours of stroke onset. In conclusion this study will provide evidence for the longterm efficacy of an initial course of a neurorestorative therapy with NeuroAiD after acute ischemic stroke of intermediate severity.
CHIMES-I: sub-group analyzes of the effects of NeuroAiD according to baseline brain imaging characteristics among patients randomized in the CHIMES study.
Navarro JC et al. Int J Stroke 2013
This imaging substudy aims to assess the efficacy of NeuroAiD in subgroups of patients randomized in the main CHIMES Study when categorized according to baseline imaging characteristics. Acute stroke lesions on baseline CT or MRI are reviewed in terms of size, location, and extent of involvement by two readers who remain blinded to treatment allocation and outcomes of the subjects. The outcomes, namely modified Rankin Scale, National Institute of Health Stroke Scale, Barthel
Index, and Mini-Mental Status Examination, will be analyzed by the sub-groups nonlacunar and lacunar, cortical and sub-cortical, hemispheric vs. brainstem, Alberta Stroke Program Early CT score <7 and 7–10, and score <8 and 8–10.

The NeuroAiD II (MLC901) in Vascular Cognitive Impairment Study (NEURITES).
Chen C, et al. Cerebrovasc Dis 2013

The objective of this study is to investigate the effects and tolerability of NeuroAiD II in patients with VCIND (Vascular Cognitive Impairment no Dementia). The NeuroAiD II (MLC901) in Vascular Cognitive Impairment Study (NEURITES) is a 24-
week, double-blind, randomized, placebocontrolled phase II study of NeuroAiD II in patients with VCIND. In conclusion NEURITES has the potential to set new standards for the systematic evaluation of Asian traditional medicine for integration
into standard medicine practice and establishing a novel therapeutic approach for improving cognition after stroke.


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