ESC 2013 - London (May 2013)
End of May, two and half days with 4200 attendees, reviewing recent news in Stroke management.

ISC 2012 - International Stroke Conference (February 2012)
This 2½-day conference provides a forum in which to present recent scientific work related to cerebrovascular disease. More than 1,000 abstract presentations, lectures and debates will be featured. This year, special symposia and debates will focus on numerous topics including: Stroke in the Context of the UN Actions on NCDs (an AHA/WSO/WHO joint session); Ethics of Device Use for Acute Stroke Intervention; etc.
ESC 2012 - European Stroke Conference (May 2012)
The European Stroke Conference returns to Lisbon 10 years after meeting there in 2001.To the benefit of stroke patients, during the last 10 years we watched an impressive progress in stroke prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, in parallel to a fast growing of our knowledge of the genetics determinants of stroke and of the basic mechanisms of cerebral ischaemia.
WCN 2011 – World Congress of Neurology (November 2011)
With Africa, for Africa, WCN 2011 provides neurologists in Africa with a unique opportunity to join colleagues from around the world for the largest scientific event in neurology. Discover scientific achievements and interact with delegates of diverse backgrounds and perspectives to find real solutions to improve the long-term outcomes for patients with neurological disorders. The XXth World Congress of Neurology will be taking place as planned from November 12-17, 2011 in Marrakesh, Morocco.
ESC 2011 - European Stroke Conference (May 2011, Hamburg)
Since its foundation in 1990 the ESC has become the largest stroke conference worldwide and will present more than 1200 scientific oral and poster communications during its 20th annual meeting in Hamburg. More than 3000 clinical and research scientists from more than 85 countries are expected to attend the meeting. During four days five educational symposia, 16 scientific symposia, 11 satellite symposia, 10 teaching courses as well as a full day programme for stroke nurses and allied health professionals (AHP) have been organized.
JNLF 2011 – Journées de neurologie de langue française (April 2011)
The J.N.L.F. (Francophone Neurology Days) take place over three days and a half, alternating between French University cities able to host its over 2000 participants. They come from France for the majority and 20% come from other French-speaking countries such as Switzerland, Belgium and the Maghreb countries. They revolve around the days of Higher Education of Neurology and meetings of Associated Companies (thirty neurological specialties), numerous workshops and symposia organized by three pharmaceutical companies, who also install a large exhibition.
ISC 2011 – International Stroke Conference (February 2011)

This 2½-day conference provides a forum in which to present recent scientific work related to stroke and cerebrovascular disease. More than 900 abstract presentations, lectures and debates will be featured. This year in Los Angeles, special symposia and debates will focus on numerous topics. Sessions in clinical categories will center on diagnosis, acute management, in-hospital treatment, rehabilitation and recovery, pediatric stroke, prevention, community/risk factors, nursing, emergency medicine, outcomes and vascular cognitive impairment. Sessions in surgical and interventional categories will focus on aneurysm, carotid revascularization, intracranial atherosclerotic occlusive disease, ischemic stroke intervention, SAH management and vascular malformations.
WSC 2010 - The World Stroke Congress (October 2010)

The 7th World Stroke Congress (WSC) is expecting 3,000 professional attendees and will take place in Seoul, South Korea from October 13-16, 2010. Organized by the World Stroke Organization (WSO), WSC is a biennial landmark event where leading medical professionals attend in order to find global strategies to combat the second most common cause of death worldwide.