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לפניכם תקציר מאמרים המסכמים מסקנות קליניות באשר לפרופיל הבטיחות של נוראייד כפי שנבחן בטיפול בשבץ מוחי.
בבקשה פנו אלינו  באמצעות המייל: לבקשת מאמר בשלמותו.
A Randomized Trial to Assess the Long-Term Safety of NeuroAiD among Caucasian Patients with Acute Ischemic Stroke.
Shahripour RB, et al. Chin J Integr Med 2013.
This study on 150 patients with acute ischemic stroke within 1 week of onset demonstrates the longterm (up to 6 months) safety of NeuroAiD in a Caucasian population. While mild nausea was more commonly reported in the NeuroAiD group,
none of the reported adverse events were serious or required discontinuation of treatment. There was no significant change observed in blood pressure, hematologic, hepatic, and renal functions during treatment with NeuroAid and up to 3 months after completion of a 3-month regimen. These data confirm the excellent safety profile of NeuroAiD in patients with acute ischemic stroke during treatment and long after completion of treatment.
Safety Profile of MLC601 (NeuroAiD) in Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients: A Singaporean Substudy of the Chinese Medicine NeuroaiD Efficacy on Stroke Recovery Study.
Young SHY, et al. Cerebrovasc Dis 2010.
This study on 114 patients with acute ischemic stroke randomized within 48 hours of onset shows that serious adverse events (SAEs) were similar between the group treated with placebo and the group treated with MLC601. The SAEs reported were
those commonly seen in stroke patients. There were neither statistically or clinically significant differences between treatment groups in biochemical, haematological, or electrocardiogram tests at 3 months, nor any statistically or clinically significant
differences in the absolute and relative changes of the various parameters between baseline and 3 months. Thus, MLC601 is safe for patients with acute stroke receiving a 3-month treatment.
NeuroAiD Danqi Piantang Jiaonang Does Not Modify Hemostasis, Hematology, and Biochemistry in Normal Subjects and Stroke Patients.
Gan R, et al. Cerebrovasc Dis 2008.
NeuroAiD does not significantly affect hematological, hemostatic, and biochemical parameters in normal and stroke patients. Clinical parameters and expected effects of aspirin are not altered by co-administration of the drug even when started and
maintained at the early stage of acute stroke.


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